Supermarket Racks in Ludhiana

If you are looking for Supermarket Racks in Ludhiana , visit Packingindia store and select from range of quality racks. They are the best in Ludhiana dealing with retail fixtures from many years and offering affordable prices .The products are available to fit various type of items from grocery’s, vegetables and fruits. PackingIndia has single as well as double side Supermarket Racks in Ludhiana .All Racks are available with four or five or six shelves .They offer these racks with affordable pricing. Both the single side and double side Supermarket Racks of Four shelves are available for the size of 6 Feet x 3 Feet. PackingIndia also has the single side Supermarket Racks in Ludhiana for five shelves whose size are 7 feet x 3 feet and 3 feet x 7 feet .The six shelves Supermarket Rack Starter and Add on is available in the size of 8 Feet x 3 Feet .They also have Restaurant Wire Chrome Shelves of 6 layers of adjusting levelling feet made of commercial strength steel .The Weight Upload per Layer of Wire Chrome Shelves is 100 kg per Shelf and their size is (6x 3x 1.5) .It can also be used for household . In addition to this, PackingIndia also has Chips Racks of 4 layers with the loading capacity of 50 kg per layer and weight of 20 kg .The height of these racks is 1300 mm, size is 900 mm and depth is 430 mm.
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